Lead Generation

Lead Generation through AdWords.

The main advertising product and income source for Google is Google AdWords. Considering that Google made almost $30 million from Google AdWords alone in 2010 shows the power of this formidable product that Google has provided.

The idea for Google AdWords was generated by Bill Gross who based his idea off the Yellow Pages. While Bill Gross refused to sell his process, Google created their own and launched AdWords in 2000. What started as a program that charged a monthly amount Google then modified the campaign over the years by adding telephone support, a self serve portal and other features as well.

Google Adwords offers Pay Per Click or PPC advertising, targeted advertising for text, banners and media ads. Plus, Google AdWords offers CPM or cost-per-mille advertising as well. The AdWords program incorporates international, national and local distribution.

Text: Text ads are generally very short, 25 characters or less plus two additional lines of text that can be up to 35 characters each.

Image: Based on the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards, there can be several sizes of image ads that can be used.

AdWords has expanded its services in recent years to help bolster online businesses to help them reach more customers.

A cornerstone to PPC and SEO marketing strategies is keywords, the words used by users who type requests into search engines to find the products or services provided by online business. In essence, when a person types a query into a search engine, they are provided with websites that have the words they used in the query as part of their content.

The use of keywords is a vital part of what’s known as “inbound marketing”. Inbound marketing essentially draws in customers to websites by use of keywords that are used in queries for search engines rather than advertisements that reach outwards to find new customers. Inbound marketing is essentially less expensive and in some ways more powerful than traditional outbound techniques in that the sense of discovery customers have can be a big factor in their decision to purchase products and services. 

Google AdWords allows advertisers to bid on the keywords that are trademarked. Plus, they have imposed restrictions on certain keywords that deal with hacking and pharmaceuticals as well. In 2008, AdWords advertisements for student essay writing services were banned as well.

The banning of keywords for trademark reasons has come under scrutiny in recent years. For example, there was a case of a book that had its advertising banned because it included the term “Facebook” in the title, a trademarked keyword.

Overall, AdWords is perhaps the single biggest resource that Google uses to help small businesses find new customers on the internet. Supported by a wealth of other programs such as Google Professionals and the Adwords Keyword Tool, millions of online business owners now have access to marketing methods and techniques that can bring even more customers to their websites. AdWords is certainly one of the biggest driving forces behind internet marketing techniques.